As you may know, I’m addicted to the TV show Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudekis.

Well, recently I’ve gotten hooked on Friday Night Lights  starring Kyle Chandler.

One is a show about British football (soccer) and the other is about American football–but I’m not a sports fan, so how can these shows keep me so inspired and entertained?

In reality  both Ted Lasso and Friday Night Lights are not about sports, they’re about strong coaches who are great leaders who care deeply about their players’ lives.

Coaches are unsung heroes in our world.

Whether it’s me trying to improve at pickleball or Tiger Woods improving his swing, wherever you find someone intentionally getting better, you’ll find a coach.

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A coach helps you see things you can’t see, teaches you how to address them, and gives you support, accountability, and support to become all you dream of becoming.

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