Back in 2003, my class in ministerial school took a trip to Washington, DC and while we were there me and a few friends visited the National Gallery of Art.

One of my friends had once volunteered at the National as a docent so he knew which pieces to show us during our rushed tour.

One series of paintings, The Voyage of Life by Thomas Cole struck such a chord in me that I bought replicas for my home.

Over the next several JumpStarts, we’ll be using these paintings as a framework for our own evolution, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

We begin with the first painting Childhood, which introduces the key components found in each: the voyager, the guardian angel, the river, and the landscape whose seasons change in each painting denoting the seasons of a person’s life.

When you are a child, life stretches out before you like an eternity awaiting your exploration.  

You are (supposed to be) safe, protected and provided for and your childlike perspective is precious and vital to your growth.

Today, let’s explore reawakening the newness of your childhood.