If you come to visit me here in Key Largo and I take you for a walk out of the dock, you would see here and there along the ocean bottom what looks like a purplish plant growing out of the reef.

Actually, it’s not a plant — — it is/was a Cassiopeia jellyfish. 

These amazing animals are actually part of the living reef and spend their lives working to spin upside down and ultimately bury themselves in the ground. 

When they die, their bodies harden and literally become part of the reef — — it is nature’s way of recycling and constantly upgrading

We are all going to die someday and we are going to leave a legacy. 

The way to leave a positive legacy is to bury yourself in a reef that makes sense for you and which makes the entire ecosystem better for everyone.  Let’s talk about your legacy and how to create one you are proud of…


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