There’s a really unique concept that started in Kansas City and is now spreading to other cities —  it’s a combination dog park and bar/restaurant.

David, a dog lover and entrepreneur found about 20 acres of basically unusable land in the middle of Kansas City and bought it.

In the center, he built a two-story bar and restaurant surrounded by dog parks for every size dog.  

It’s called the BAR K (clever, eh?)

The BAR K has live music, special events for different breeds, and even has “Dog-tenders” to watch your dog while you eat, drink, and be merry. 

What struck me after several visits to the BAR K is how rarely the dogs fight.

There are 2 basic rules every dog must follow and, as a result, there are hardly any growls.

If we follow the same 2 rules the dogs must follow, we will have fewer arguments and less conflict. 

Today I’ll explain how you can apply this dog knowledge in your own life. 

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