Remember the movie that opens with Winnie the Pooh sitting around struggling to think?

While rubbing his temple and squinting his eyes, Pooh says,
“Think…think….think…think – think…..think.”

It’s such a great visual for what most of us do when we have a problem.

We STRUGGLE to come up with a solution but there seems to be nothing.

Until… we go do something else.

In our frustration, we give up on the problem and walk away
and then BANG the perfect answer —the one we worked so hard to bring to mind just floats in like a butterfly and rests gently on top of our head.

When we make thoughts our aim, we miss the very elusive, beautiful, and powerful ideas that come when we are otherwise engaged.

This is why it’s SO important to shut down once or twice a day and meditate, to take vacations where we don’t work, and to take a day once each week where we just relax and chill.

Stop being Winnie the Pooh — think, but don’t make thoughts your aim.