20-years-ago, I sold life insurance to people in their homes.

I remember one couple in particular.

They were poor and lived in a run-down old house off a dirt road.

BUT, ONE DAY (they assured me) they were going to be insanely RICH!!

And how was this massive influx of prosperity going to take place?

The husband explained that men’s cologne was all about the name you gave it not the smell.

He said, “It ain’t what it smells like—heck you can get a chemist to create any smell you want. The money is in the name!”

He went on to explain that all successful men’s fragrances had a great name and, most importantly, the had come up with the best name EVER!

“Really?” I said, genuinely interested. “When did you come up with it?”

“11 years ago.” He said.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Still waiting on the right time.” He said.

“What???” I thought to myself. You had more than a decade to work on your dream idea that you’re sure is going to make you rich and you’ve done NOTHING?

There’s an old saying, “Some people dream big dreams while others stay awake and actually accomplish something.”

Let’s remember to dream, but not to make dreams our master.