Neil Patrick Harris’s character Barney on “How I met your mother” loves to split words in half for emphasis.
For example, he’ll say, “Let’s get dressed and go out tonight.  It’s going to be LEGEND… wait for it….DARY!”
When Barney does this his friends roll their eyes in irritation.
Why?  Because NOBODY likes to wait.
People want everything YESTERDAY!
Waiting is a drag, a hassle, a waste of time, a pain in the neck, etc.
Patience allows us to live in peace now even as we wait for what we want.
No matter how fast something shows up, if we’re irritated during the wait it’s too slow.
The key isn’t to keep speeding up getting what we want.  It’s slowing down our demand that things be here now and, instead, enjoy the process.
We discuss this as we consider, “If you can wait and not be tired of waiting,” from “If” by Rudyard Kipling.
Trust me, it’s going to be LEGEND….wait for it…, seriously, wait……DARY!!