When I was a kid of about 9, I was rummaging through my mom’s desk and found a piece of round, flat wood.
The letters TUIT” were carved in large letters in the center.
After struggling to reason out what “TUIT” might stand for, I carried the small, coaster-like object to my parents bedroom where my mom sat sewing merit badges on my Scout uniform.
“Mom.”  I said. “What’s this?”
Mom laughed.
“I don’t get it.” I said.
“Darling,” mom said. “That’s a ’round tuit’ — get it?  As in whenever you say you’ll do something whenever you get ‘around to it.’  Well, that’s a ‘round tuit.’  It reminds me that I can get around to anything that’s actually important because I already have a ‘round tuit.’
I think it was Napoleon Hill who said, “People who would never dream of killing themselves nevertheless commit suicide every day, little-by-little, by wasting their precious time.”
Today is your day to have your own ROUND TUIT.
“Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run.”