Oh, to be so serene and secure that haters can’t hurt you, right?
Someone who is a hater, a foe, an enemy — anyone who is anti-you, can cause you pain.
BUT, you have far greater control over this pain than you may think.
A person’s hurtful action has no power without your reaction!
Have you noticed it’s actually easier to dismiss a hater because you can write them off a jerk (or worse) and ignore them.
BUT, receiving a rebuke from someone you love is FAR more painful.
EXAMPLE: If a homeless person on the street says something negative, you shrug.  BUT, If your mom says the same thing, you sulk.
To be a mature and happy adult, all people must count with us (even those who don’t look, speak, act, or live as we do) but we should not give certain people too much control over our mental reaction.
Freedom comes in leveling the playing field of your mind.