“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,”

Derren Brown, the Brittish mentalist recently did a documentary for Netflix where he used peer pressure in a real-life situation to convince a half-dozen people to push someone off a building to their death.

That’s how much our good nature can become at risk when we identify with crowd.

When we are too plugged into others, we run the risk of losing ourselves to them.

When we are elevated above others, we run the risk of forgetting their struggles and challenges.

“Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,”

My mother-in-law migrated to this country from Cuba after the Castro invasion during which her family’s cigar factor was seized by the Castro regime.

Titi, as we call her is a typical Cuban-American.

She wanted desperately to come here and did so ultimately becoming a citizen of the U.S..

Now, she is virulently OPPOSED to more Cubans or any other migrants coming in.

That is actually a common phenomenon of “I want in,” followed by “Hooray, I’m in,”  and finally “Now, you stay out!” and it’s a perfect example of losing the common touch.

Put in simple words we must fly high and stay grounded at the same time which is difficult but doable.