Many people are an “ouch” looking for a hurt. That is, they are poised to complain and are unconsciously looking for something wrong to upset them.
Why is this?
Because many people are unknowingly addicted to pain.
When we get upset, our body squirts endorphins (endogenous morphine) into the bloodstream and we get a little high.
For the pain addict this endorphin bump is like caffeine to a coffee drinker.
When things are going too well, the lack of these endorphines creates a craving and the person seeks out anything that can cause them to be upset so as to get the rush.
If you’re one of these types, stop chasing the high. Get off the upset>endorphin>upset>endorphin train.
Consider alternatives to make you feel good and that also release endorphins: exercise, meditation, sex, write out a gratitude list, think of 10 people who love you, find a funny video on Youtube and laugh, etc.
An “ouch” looking for a hurt” will always find it. An “Ahh” looking for joy will always find it, as well.