day 5 x 7I’ve now gone 5 days in a row without complaining.
How’s it going for you?

Remember this formula:


Because of my recent shoulder surgery, I’ve been VERY cautious of someone bumping into me on the street here in NYC.

THOUGHT – someone might bump into me
REALITY – You guessed it. A guy just SLAMMED into me from behind nearly knocking me to the ground.

The FUNNY thing was, he felt so bad when he saw my sling that he GRABBED ME HARD BY THE SHOULDERS to steady me. As he apologized profusely in French, I pleaded with him in English to release me.

It really was funny–after the pain subsided.

So, this powerful formula has let me experience and move past a big fear.

(I’m going to start HAPPILY thinking about everyone SIDESTEPPING me.)