day 4 x 8Day 4!

Remember, “Hurt people hurt people.”

People who are, themselves, hurting are far more likely to lash out at others. As we become more spiritually awake, we remember this and our compassion for others grows. We realize that their outbursts are not meant for us personally.

Well, an MRI reveals that I have a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum–old injuries that were exacerbated by a fall while snow skiing.

So, until the surgery, I will be in constant pain. After the surgery, which the surgeon refers to as, “The most painful surgery I perform,” I’ll be in pain for quite a while. Additionally, I will have to stop working out–which is a great boost for happiness.

So, friends, I’m continuing the Complaint Free challenge committed to not complaining even while in pain.

How’s it going?



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