Day 1 x 7“Did I say that out loud?”

Have you ever thought something negative and then realized that you also SAID it? Well, I caught myself doing just that while checking in at the airport.

I’d been working 16-hour days on a short film about an entire middle school that is becoming Complaint Free. I’d been high on passion and enthusiasm for days but now I hit a wall. I was tired and hungry. As I stood at the counter, I found myself complaining aloud—to no one in particular, “I don’t like this person,” in reference to the clerk. FORTUNATELY, she didn’t hear me but it’s back to Day 1 for me.

Actually, the clerk was being helpful and somewhat playful—but my nerves were on edge.

Even when I’m tired or hungry, I’m responsible for what I say.

Complaining while working on a film about being Complaint Free—now THAT’S irony.



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