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Are we there yet?

It’s a question that ALL children ask their parents on road trips and yet the very question itself is it’s own answer.

The answer is “No.”

If you were there, the car would not still be moving.

If the car’s moving, you’re not there.

The next question children always ask is, “How much further?“

And here lies dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Most people measure their lives by how far they have to go towards something rather than how far they have come.

They measure the distance to their ideal body, they measure the money they still need to reach their goals, they measure their shortcomings and their faults, and they measure the problems in their lives.

No matter how long we live we will always have room to grow and places to go.

So, measuring ourselves by what we have yet to do, see, experience, and leaves us empty and unhappy.

Happiness and success come from measuring how far we have come not focusing on how far we have to go.

Change your perspective and you change your life.